Want to join us ? These are the steps:

1) Fill in the registration form below

2) Pay the annual membership fees and buy the club's playing kit (for U6 to U12)

EUR 150 for U6 to U14

EUR 200 for U16 and U18

EUR 75 club's playing kit for U6 to U12

Discount for more than 1 player:  EUR 50 discount if 2 players, EUR 100 discount if 3 players and EUR 150 discount if 4 players.

The membership fees cover:

  • all training rugby activities including common equipments (balls, shields, etc.)

  • mandatory player's licences for each category (French, Belgian and/or Luxemburgish) and insurances

  • navette service from European schools and Sainte-Sophie to Weimerskirch

  • all tournaments registration fees

  • bus transport to all competitions abroad

Bank details:

CSCE Rugby Luxembourg 

IBAN LU49 0019 1000 3153 3000


Communication: player name and age category

3) Go through the medical examination at the INS (Institut National des Sports) for kids above 7 years old. Kids below 7 years old need a doctor certificate. See information about the INS here

4) Fill in the parents' autorisation forms

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